The exhibition marathon

06 janv. 2020 15:00
After SITEVI in Montpellier and Winzermesse in Karlsruhe at the end of 2019, the COSTRAL sales team continues its run of trade fairs.

In January, we took to the road selling further machines in Angers and in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We don't have time to get bored.
Our Sales Director first went to Angers to join our distributor, Jarny MVS on their stand which was exhibiting a “GALAXY” Monoblock machine fitted with corking and screw capping, a “FIAMAT” filling corking unit, a “HYDRA” washer dryer and the latest in "ALTAR" labelling machines.
Back from SIVAL, we headed to Nieder-Olm for "Agrartage", an exhibition that is always exciting with plenty of potential. At the same time another team went to Martigny with our friends from COSTRAL Switzerland for Agrovina. With only a few days to recover, Bernard SCHAAL left for Austria to support our local partner, FINOTEC represented by Jean-Pierre SCHAUB at AUSTRO VIN in Tulln.

Fortunately, February promised to be calmer in terms of travel!
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