Bottling lines
for beer

For nearly 50 years, COSTRAL has been developing its expertise and capacity for innovation, making each new bottling line generation more efficient, while retaining COSTRAL's legendary reliability.

We offer our expertise to the brewing community by offering innovative bottling solutions responding to the various challenges and requirements specific to bottling beer.

Together, we'll help you implement your project with a bottling solution which fully responds to all your current requirements and one that is sufficiently scalable to meet your future needs, therefore, maximising your return on investment.

Managing your beer bottling process!

Bottling equipment for your micro-brewery

Just starting out in craft beer production?
Would you like to switch from a manual process to an automated bottling line to support your increase in production?

COSTRAL offers advice and support to new players in the growing brewery market to ensure they make the right choices and don't fall into the classic mistakes that can prove to be detrimental (and costly) over time. You will then understand the full strength of our bottling lines' scalability as our systems' throughput rates can increase in line with your production runs.

We have several automatic bottling solutions for beer, covering demands for 1,000 to 3,500 bottles per hour, which include all the equipment necessary to process refined liquid products such as yours(CO²/water injection etc.).

Our highly-qualified team is on hand to support you with the aim of reducing your learning curve, so, you can effectively manage and maximise your beer bottling process.

We can give you all the advice you'll need on operating and maintaining your new bottling equipment safely, and in compliance with the standards in force in your industry. Benefit from the incomparable experience of our partners for whom bottling is a way of life!

Beer bottling lines for micro-breweries
Beer bottling for craft breweries

Bottling equipment for your craft brewery association

Our bottling lines also equip larger breweries as our machines can handle the whole process from empty bottle to boxed product, ready for shipment.

Tell us about your production rate targets and we'll advise you on the best COSTRAL bottling solution to achieve them with reliable and robust equipment.

Solutions for mobile beer bottling

Among our various beer bottling solutions, our mobile bottling lines have been highly successful both in France and abroad.

Today, more than a hundred bottler customers have entrusted COSTRAL with their technical trailer or truck project, from start to finish. These systems include bottle packing and sealing machines as part of these comprehensive mobile installations, ready to go on the road.

The COSTRAL design office, complemented by our technical support division, is focused on meeting your needs and those of your future customers. At the end, you'll have a customised, long-lasting mobile beer bottling system that is easy to operate and one which maximises your filling-capping cycles.

Our extensive experience enables us to set up machines on trailers or on trays, handle your electrical supplies along with any other elements necessary for installation and get your machines and conveyor systems up and running to produce compact, high-performing units.

Mobile beer bottling lines on trailers
Your challenges are our priority
Talk to us about your project

Bottling solutions to fulfil all your needs

Beer bottling to suit your needs

Our 40 years of experience, innovative expertise and particularly dynamic in-house teams, enables us to offer you unique solutions for each of your beer bottling requirements.

For example, we offer both bottling and packaging units to complete a bottling line already established or under construction, or those under construction. In addition, we offer a combination of machines as well as complete Monoblock beer bottling units to meet all your requirements.

We also manufacture "stand-alone" units to complement your existing equipment which can be integrated into your system.

Lastly, and most importantly, we take an innovative approach to supporting you in implementing your project, whatever your installation, a filler corker/capper, a washer dryer for filled bottles or a linear or rotating adhesive labelling system as well as complete assembly lines from empty bottle to sealed and boxed product.


COSTRAL is by your side every step of the way

Your project from start to finish

Are you looking for a new bottling line, need additional equipment or an upgrade?
Whatever your project, COSTRAL is here to help you make it happen!

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COSTRAL Services: Always at your service and here to help when you need us

Costral has a quick-to-respond "Costral Services" division dedicated to handling all technical support interventions in the field.

So, we remain by your side on site from implementing your new beer bottling line to providing your operators with bottling training.

We provide local After-Sales support with a free hotline that can resolve up to 80% of technical questions and concerns over the phone. Our team of technicians is on hand to offer you quick assistance in your local area.

In order to meet the demands of professional brewers around the world, we rely on our network of official dealers with specialist sales teams and technicians, based near you.

COSTRAL: Innovative technology and personalised support

At COSTRAL, we have a team ofe highly-experienced project managers and designers who have the best working environment and all the necessary tools and time required, to ensure your project is a success.

Resolving bottling issues and finding solutions is a way of life for them.

It is precisely this working environment that explains our ability to constantly innovate, providing such high-performing beer bottling solutions and in doing so, safeguarding your investment.

Our specialists are here to share their expertise and experience with you, to develop your project and provide an optimal bottling solution, from all perspectives.