Bottling unit
Rinsing filling corking / capping

The GALAXY Monobloc is a stand-alone machine handling bottle rinsing (as well as sterilising), filling and capping: T-Corks, Vinoseal (all closures).

This 3-in-1 machine combines everything you need to bottle your wines, juices, beers or spirits in one single frame.

GALAXY bottling unit product sheet

A comprehensive, versatile bottling unit

The Rinser section

Three by three or four by four bottle selection at the inlet, using an Archimedes' screw.
The bottles are transported using a three-position clamp, followed by re-positioning and placing into centring cups (24, 36 or 48 stations) as a series of rings.

The cycle starts with a timed rinse using a fixed injection drawer. The water is filtered by a 10" cartridge with a porosity of 1μm in a polypropylene casing.
The rows of magazines move backwards and then forwards, ensuring a very long draining time.

The GALAXY Monobloc enables multiple injections, of  water, sterilising solutionneutral gas or filtered air, using fixed and mobile injection drawers (entry cannulas).

How powerful is this  rinser? The optimal use of space reduces the footprint of the machine offering an unmatched use cycle time (bottle turn around = rinsing + draining). The injections are particularly effective and bottle draining time is extremely long.

Example of total use cycle time (bottle turn around) at a rate of 2,000 bottles/hour: 32 seconds.

The Filler section

The tank can be filled by simple gravity or by an external pump connected directly to the unit.
The filling process operates on a simple gravity principal (no suction, no contact with ambient air, no overfilling) or by assisted gravity with gentle vacuum which enables vacuum filling avoiding ambient air entering into the tank.

The unique feature of this filler is that it comes from an external control for nozzles. The nozzle opening control is a star with three positions (filling, levelling and standby).

Filling is carried out with great accuracy, using a level regulator handled via a control panel. The liquid level in the filling tank is managed by a stainless-steel float with an "empty tank" safety mechanism. A pneumatically operated solenoid valve is built into the wine (or other liquid) inlet enabling flow management in real time. In order to achieve millimetric accuracy, the head space level in the bottle can be set using the electric control panel.

By filling from above, the process ensures that all the liquid is used, « right up to the last drop ».

Featuring a 316L electropolished, stainless-steel unit, the GALAXY Monobloc filling system is suitable for both hot and cold liquid filling such as wines, fruit juice, alcohols, vinegar and water.

The Capper section

The "revolver" capping column enables you to use several different capping methods (including corks, crown caps and screw caps) by single rotation. In fact, up to 3 different capping heads can be mounted on the same column. Its height regulator is also electric (180 to 380mm).

Corking with traditional corks
With the traditional cork model, corking cycles are managed electronically ensuring corks are tightened slowly followed by rapid insertion to secure them. The corking head includes a stainless-steel compressor with 4 corking jaws that can be easily detached 4-bit cork compressor (filling system). A high-performance vacuum pump adraws air from the neck of the bottle, prior to the cork being secured. The cork hopper with dust collector is positioned at the top of the column.

Customised capping modes
Do you have a special capping solution you would like to install? We welcome the challenge. Our cappers can be adapted to meet all our customers' requirements. With our extensive experience in bottling techniques, we can guide you in finding the capping solution that best meets your needs. Contact us directly for any alternative capping solutions required.

Galaxy 3-in-1 Monoblock

Systems designed specifically to increase the performance of your bottling line

High Performance Galaxy 3-in-1 Monoblock

For ease of use, an electronic speed control allows the production rate to be accurately set.

We also offer precision monitoring via a control panel which tracks bottles throughout the production process. A 4-line digital screen displays:

  • the temperature of the liquid in the tank,
  • the level in the filler tank (with safety high and low levels),
  • the counter,
  • the corking/capping programme,
  • the hourly run rate,
  • incidents during production.

To best suit your production volume, the GALAXY bottling unit run rate can vary from 2,000 to 3,200 bottles per hour.

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The major advantages of the rinser/steriliser

  • Rinser/steriliser with 24, 36 or 48 stations
  • Entirely stainless-steel construction
  • Rinsing time of up to 3 seconds
  • Sterilising by injecting a chemical solution followed by rinsing with filtered water
  • Very long draining time (up to 40 seconds)
  • Fast bottle format changeover
  • Possibility of injecting a neutral gas for inerting prior to filling
  • Small footprint
  • Low noise pollution
The major advantage of the Galaxy Monoblock Rinser

The major advantages of the filler

The major advantage of the Galaxy Monoblock Filler
  • All parts in contact with the product, produced in food grade 316L stainless-steel
  • Nozzles with no movable seals or internal springs, easy to detach for optimal hygiene
  • Electric regulator for bottle height and filling level
  • Centralised equalisation of levels

The major advantages of the corker

  • Slow cork tightening followed by rapid insertion to secure them
  • Tightening and insertion speeds for the corks can be set by the operator
  • Multi-capping by interchangeability or single rotation of the revolver column (traditional corks, synthetic corks, screw caps, crown caps, head caps, etc.)
  • Easily detachable corking jaws
  • Selection screws and stars with safety devices
  • Machine equipped for bottles with safety seals to meet regulated standards in force
Advantage of the Galaxy Monoblock Corker

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Our COSTRAL Services division is by your side throughout your project, right up to installation, providing training for your operators.

Every machine is supplied with a general maintenance guide.

We provide a specially dedicated free hotline offering After-Sales support to handle any queries concerning the functionality of your COSTRAL machine.

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GALAXY bottling unit product sheet