After-Sales service &
Technical Support

All COSTRAL machines come with a 1-year parts and maintenance warranty.
The maintenance budget of our machines is one of our strengths, as they are reliable, ergonomic and easy to maintain.

What's more, COSTRAL provides its customers with a free hotline, resolving up to 80% of technical questions and concerns over the phone, supported by a team of technicians ready to intervene on-site as quickly as possible.

Free hotline: +33(0)3 89 47 89 45

In support of the hotline, we have recently started to offer “tutorial” videos to explain certain procedures to get your machine up and running as well as troubleshooting problems, you may experience.

If required, our COSTRAL qualified technicians can intervene on site.

Warranty on spare parts

Ordering standard spare parts

Ordering standard spare parts

Our spare parts store is at your service to supply any spare parts you may need to ensure your COSTRAL equipment operates smoothly.

We hold a number of key spare parts in stock in order to respond as quickly as possible to your needs (available directly from our store or shipped to anywhere in the world, if required).

We are able to find product references for parts of any machines produced in our workshops dating right back to 1975.

If you need a part that is not in stock in our spare parts store, we are able to produce it on request.

Your challenges are our priority
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Ordering special or customised parts

If you need a part to meet a specific requirement, or a standard part that needs to be modified to adapt to your situation, you can contact our design office directly.

Our development team will help you then find the best technical solution relying on our workshop to ensure it is produced to specification.

Ordering special parts

The COSTRAL dealer network

The Costral dealer network

In order to maintain a close working relationship with our customers, wherever they are based, we have set up a   network of official dealers  enabling us to cover the whole of France, as well as worldwide.
Indeed, thanks to our network of COSTRAL dealers, we provide bottling line Sales, Delivery and After-Sales service across 5 continents.

The COSTRAL official dealers have sales teams and technicians qualified in selling and maintaining COSTRAL equipment and technologies.

Contact us directly for details on dealers in your region or country!