Bottling lines: An alliance
of French manufacturers

The Made in France Alliance is a trade association made up of four French manufacturers in the bottling industry whose shared objective is to offer complete bottling and packaging lines for capacities of up to 25,000 bottles/hour.

A shared business vision and the same customer philosophy have made it possible to build entirely compatible machines with a choice of equipment, manufacturing methods, run rates and an ability to provide a very personal service to respond to the demands of the wine industry in France and abroad.

ALBAGNAC, a long-standing partner

This historic partnership resulted from the relationship established between the founders of COSTRAL (Willi Kuhlmann) and ALBAGNAC (Alain Albagnac) back in the '80s. The Alliance was set up in 2013 under the leadership of the second generation of these two family-run businesses.

In 1987, ALBAGNAC, located in Sauzet (46), was discovered by the wine industry leaders for its major innovation at the time: a mechanical labelling machine capable of eliminating the arduous and repetitive task of manually sticking labels on bottles.

Today, used in vineyards worldwide and renowned throughout the industry, our company offers a wide selection of highly-reliable, robust machinery for capping, crimping, labelling and branding.

Easily integrated into complex manufacturing chains, production rates can reach up to 6,000 bottles/hour.
The most creative bottle shapes can be handled: cylindrical, oval, conical, square and more

Manufacturing - Assemblies - Settings: A winning trio installed on site resulting in a powerful Made in France product!

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Stone Industrie, our high-speed line partner

Stone industrie

STONE Industrie, based in central Isère, in Doissin (38), with 60 strong years in the trade, is THE specialist in high-speed and bespoke bottling systems.

Manufacturing and assembly lines handled entirely by STONE Industrie, ensure equipment perfectly complies with all standards.

In 2010, the company was taken over by Frédéric KUHLMANN, the CEO of COSTRAL. It was then only natural that STONE Industrie joined the Made in France Alliance project.

STONE Industrie is in fact capable of handling high-speed run rates, ranging from 5,000 to 25,000 bottles/hour, whether through stand-alone machines, as part of a fixed or mobile line. Customised machine designs from STONE Industrie, the ultimate solutions.

A great asset for the Alliance!


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The BEDI GROUP, our logistics partner

Bedi partenaire logique

The BEDI group, with around 20 years of experience, is able to fulfil all your electrical, mechanical, automated, robotic and IT requirements.

Indeed, after 18 years spent with a leading packaging company, Mr. Denis DIAS set up BEDI, specialising in packaging and boxing machines. In 2003, the company created its own design office to produce machines to best meet the needs of its customers and to align itself with the values of the Made in France Alliance which it later joined in 2013.

The company is now part of the BEDI Group, making it possible to offer automated machines for bottling lines from start to finish (including palletizing, depalletizing, boxing and combi case erectors).

The company creates its own software for machines thanks to its partner within the group, ATOL BEDI.

This partnership within the Made in France Alliance enables manufacturers to offer a complete solutions from empty bottle to boxed product.