Corker capper
COMET 3000 B/C

The COMET 3000 B/C, a stand-alone automatic machine handling a range of different capping methods: T-Corks, Vinoseal (all closures).

This machine is also available in "L" version, capable of handling STELVIN LUX 30H60 caps.

COMET 3000 B/C Corker Capper product sheet

A stand-alone corking/capping machine

Bottle selection on entry is done using an Archimedes' screw. The bottles are then routed to the "revolver" capping column which can handleseveral different capping methods (including corks, crown caps and screw caps) by single rotation. It features an electric height regulator (180 to 380mm).
The “Croix-de-Malte” drive for the star is easily detachable, providing a direct path for bottles.

Screw cap model

Screw caps such as "STELVIN" (30mm diameter x H 60mm) are fed by an "EC 4000" directing lift or a rubber belt, with a large capacity stainless-steel hopper placed on the ground.

To maximise capping efficiency, the COMET  3000 B/C includes some exciting technical features:

  • A cap chute connected to a channel fitted with a flexible dispensing head.
  • A "ZALKIN" 104-4 dial head, with a "no cap - no roll" device, and motorisation electronically synchronised with the capper run rate.
  • An electronic speed control enabling the run rate to be accurately set (from 0 to 3000 B/H).

Crown capper model

Distributing D crown caps: 26 or 29 mm (with or without built-in feature) is handled by a rotating selector with a large capacity stainless-steel hopper placed on top of the column.

The COMET 3000 B/C capping system has many advantages for integrating a crown capping system:

  • An easily detachable down pipe.
  • A cap detection mechanism to ensure no caps are missed.
  • A fixed and easily adjustable positioning head (vertical pressure and closing diameter)
  • A diameter control ring supplied with the machine.

Wooden head cork model

Wooden head corks are handled using a positioning and insertion head.
The corks are distributed by a vibration device with a stainless-steel hopper (D: 500 x H: 250mm). This adjustable hopper makes it possible to manage alternative paths for other cork formats.

The vibrating device is positioned on an external support fixed to the machine frame. A stainless-steel downpipe feeds the head directly.

Are these corking solutions not quite what you're looking for? As a specialist in bottling solutions, we know how to adapt to our customers' requirements, providing tailor-made solutions. Contact our team of experts directly to find out about alternative corking methods (available on request).

Comet 3000 Corker Capper

Performance monitoring during the capping phase

Comet 3000 corker capper performance monitoring

To optimise the performance of your capping line, we offer precision monitoring which tracks bottles throughout the production process. A flexible keyboard control panel incorporating a digital display informs you of the key indicators of your line, such as e.g.

  • Instant run rates,
  • Daily counter/bottle totalizer,
  • the corking-capping programme,
  • safety operations and fault tracking.
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The major advantages of the COMET 3000 B/C corker/capper

  • A run rate of up to 3,000 bottles/hour
  • Easy connection to a filler and labeller
  • Slow cork tightening followed by rapid insertion to secure them
  • Tightening and insertion speeds for the corks can be set by the operator
  • Multi-capping by single rotation of the revolver column (traditional corks, synthetic corks, screw caps, crown caps, head caps etc.)
  • Easily detachable corking jaws
  • Stainless-steel design for easy and efficient cleaning and maintenance.
  • Machine equipped for bottles with safety seals to meet regulated standards in force.
Diagram of the Comet 3000 corker capper

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Comet 3000 After-Sales support

Our team at COSTRAL Services is by your side throughout your project, right up to installation, providing training for your operators..

Every machine is supplied with a general maintenance guide.

We provide a specially dedicated free hotline offering After-Sales support to handle any queries concerning the functionality of your COSTRAL machine.

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COMET 3000 B/C Corker Capper product sheet