Washer dryer
for filled bottles

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The HYDRA washer dryer manages washing and drying for your filled bottles.

As a result, processed bottles can be immediately labelled and packed into boxes.

HYDRA washer product sheet

Automated, fast and secure bottle cleaning

Our HYDRA washer dryer provides optimal cleaning and drying for your bottles using functionality designed to enhance your productivity.

The bottles are fed by conveyor and detected by a sensor at the machine entry in order to pass on to the washing area which operates using three rotating brushes. In addition, brushes for the base and the cap are used (two fixed base brushes + one cap brush).
The bottles are routed to the drying area where two hot air blast nozzles are used,   produced by a turbine mounted in the machine frame. This process ensures that bottles are completely dry.

Our washer dryer can be perfect synchronised with your other bottling/labelling machines, thanks to two electronic speed controls (conveyors and selection star for bottles). You'll increase your productivity, handling bottling and/or labelling processes at arun rate to best suit your production requirements.

HYDRA offers you a secure bottle cleaning solution. At the outlet, an anti-jamming mechanism is in place to ensure the machine cuts out if the labeller  stops.

We also offer precision monitoring via a control panel which tracks bottles throughout the production process. A 4-line digital screen displays the bottle counter, the run rate and the pitch of the bottles in the drying area as well as signalling any issues during production.

The Hydra washer dryer
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The major advantages of the HYDRA Washer Dryer

HYDRA model summary table
  • High durability thanks to the stainless-steel covering for the frame and all parts in contact with water
  • Intensive washing using 3 rotating brushes, one with hard bristles
  • Water inlet solenoid valve shuts off power during shutdowns
  • Drying rate and drying time monitoring and control thanks to a centralised low-voltage control panel to set the drying rate and drying time
  • Soundproofing for your comfort
  • Bottle detection on entry to avoid any jamming
  • Anti-jamming device at the outlet ensures the machine to safely shut down
  • Machine equipped for bottles with safety seals to meet regulated standards in force,
  • up/down counter

Dedicated support thanks to COSTRAL Services

COSTRAL Services is by your side throughout your project, right up to final installation and providing operator training.

Every machine is supplied with a general maintenance guide.

We provide a specially dedicated free hotline offering After-Sales service and dealing with queries concerning the functionality of your COSTRAL machine.

Contact us directly on +33 (0)3 89 47 89 45.

HYDRA washer product sheet

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