Bottling unit
Filling-Corking / Capping machine

The "COMET NG" unit is a stand-alone machine handling filling and capping using a range of different methods: T-Corks, Vinoseal (all closures).

Produced in stainless steel, it provides the highest efficiency for sterilising, cleaning and maintenance.

Linking a new glass rinser and labelling machine is very simple to do, by either making a direct connection or using a bottle diverter.

Comet NG Filling-Corking-Capping machine product sheet

A high-performance robust bottling unit

The COMET bottling unit production rate can vary from 1,000 to 3,200 bottles/hour (0.75 litres) depending on the model selected.

Optimal filling by simple or assisted gravity

Bottle selection at inlet is done using an Archimedes' screw. The bottles are routed to the filler chute by 8, 11, 14 or 16 nozzles, height adjustable using an electric control panel (180 to 380mm).

How is bottle filling optimised using the COMET NG group?

It offers a simple gravity filling principle, with no suction, no contact with ambient air, no overfilling and using assisted gravity with gentle vacuum (depending on the liquid recommendation).
A top feed either fills by gravity or using an external pump connected directly to the unit.
A pneumatically operated solenoid valve is built into the liquid inlet (requiring  access to compressed air). The head space level in the bottle can be adjusted with millimetric accuracy using the electric control panel.

Several corking/capping methods available for your bottles

Bottles are then transported by conveyor to the "revolver" capping column which can handle several different capping methods (including corks, crown caps and screw caps) using one single rotation.
It offers electric height adjustment (180 to 380mm).

The corking cycles are managed electronically ensuring corks are tightened slowly followed by rapid insertion to secure them. The corking head includes a stainless-steel compressor with four corking jaws that can be easily detached (filling system). A high-performance vacuum pump draws air from the neck of the bottle, prior to the cork being secured. The cork hopper fitted with a dust collector is positioned on the top of the column.

The electronic speed control allows the production rate to be accurately set (from 0 to 3,200 bottles/hour  depending on the model).

Comet corking capping machine

Performance monitoring across the entire bottling line

Comet high performance Filler Corker

We also offer precision monitoring via a control panel which tracks bottles throughout the production process. A 4-line digital screen displays:

  • the temperature of the liquid in the tank,
  • the level in the filler tank (with safety high and low levels),
  • the up/down counter,
  • the hourly run rate,
  • the corking/capping programme,
  • incidents during production.
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The major advantages of the COMET NG Filler

  • High durability thanks to a 316L stainless-steel filler, supply pipe and nozzles.
  • Specially designed nozzles for intensive use, meeting all hygiene standards:
    • Very easy to detach and sterilise, with a pre-open/open/close command on the exterior of the tank
    • No movable seals or internal springs used, for optimal hygiene
  • Electric regulator for bottle height and filling level
  • Centralised equalisation of levels
  • Filler sanitation in semi-automatic mode using:
    • forced opening of branches for nozzles,
    • a washing drawer on the inside of the tank,
    • a detachable stainless-steel collecting pan.
Comet Filler

The major advantages of the corker

Comet corker
  • Slow cork tightening followed by rapid insertion to secure them
  • Tightening and insertion speeds for the corks can be set by the operator
  • Multi-capping system by single or interchangeable rotation of the revolver column (traditional corks, synthetic corks, screw caps, crown caps, head caps...) for the "2000 Multi", "3000" and "3200" models.
  • Easily detachable corking jaws
  • Each star and selection screw comes with a safety device
  • Machine equipped for bottles with safety seals to meet regulated standards in force.

COSTRAL Services: Your dedicated support

COSTRAL Servicesis by your side throughout your project, right up to installation, providing training for your operators.

Every machine is supplied with a general maintenance guide.

We provide a specially dedicated free hotline offering After-Sales support to handle any queries concerning the functionality of your COSTRAL machine.

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Comet NG Filling-Corking-Capping machine product sheet