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COSTRAL has certainly been a specialist in low and medium speed lines for bottling wine for almost 50 years. However, in a number of regions in France and in several countries throughout the world, we are also renowned for our commitment to the spirit and liqueur industry. This is due to our ability to adapt and our determination to offer outstanding solutions for bottling these types of luxury products.

In order to provide suitable bottling solutions to spirit and alcohol producers, we have surrounded ourselves with experts in this field.
The results are state-of-the-art systems, capable of handling the special and unique-shaped bottles used in the spirits industry, in addition to respecting the specific requirements for bottling these often-sensitive alcohols and liquors.

From special request to bottled product

The three main phases of bottling spirits are much the same as other products, however the solutions employed are quite different.

As an example, rinsing equipment must be included. COSTRAL has developed a solution offering a unique machine for handling special-shaped bottles, such as square-shaped or flask-shaped.
The bottles are transported, using three-position clamps adapted to their specific shape, before being returned to centring cups, themselves perfectly spaced apart so that each bottle can be handled without touching another bottle.

Rinsing and filling bottles, can vary greatly from one customer to another, and today we offer a range of 4 different injection systems, using fixed and entry nozzles: rinsing with water, bottle suction, sterilising bottles (with water sterilisation kit or peracetic acid solutions), gas sweeping or inerting for bottles using neutral gas, rinsing with alcohol, bottle soaking, with recycled injected media systems (more common in bottling strong alcohols). This last alcohol rinse ensures no clear water residue is left behind which would lower the alcohol percentage in the bottle.

For filling, bottles are transported by conveyor to the ascending and descending cradles under the filling nozzles. Special speed stars are manufactured in our workshops to allow square-shaped bottles and flasks to be handled.

When it comes to capping, our varied range of equipment can apply wooden head corks as well as screw caps, for all types of spirits.Switching several capping modes (up to four) is also possible thanks to the Revolver column which allows you to vary stoppers with a single quarter turn rotation to the left or right.

Bottling lines for spirits
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Do you have packing issues? Installation challenges? At COSTRAL we're a close team, renowned for our reactivity and flexibility.

Our design office will carefully review your project to provide a solution to respond to your current requirements and one that is sufficiently scalable to meet your future needs.

In addition, you'll benefit from our nearly 50 years of experience in bottling line design, coupled with our internationally recognised innovation capabilities.


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Bottling spirits is a profession in its own right. Managing bottle specifications, product quality and the careful handling required are all part of our daily business.

Our technical team is here to help, offer advice and intervene on site, if required.

We are also surrounded by a network of local partners, readily available to support you in your installations.