COSTRAL mobile bottling lines
Renowned expertise

Making mobile bottlers highly-efficient and cost-effective

To be efficient and cost-effective, a mobile bottler must be an experienced technician as well as providing bottling solutions at the cutting edge of innovation.
This refined alliance of man and machine ensures wines, juice and other liquid products are sufficiently packaged to meet the producers often very specific requirements.

This is precisely why, over the last 40 years, COSTRAL has been developing its expertise and capacity for innovation, making each new bottling project more efficient, while retaining COSTRAL's legendary reliability.

Mobile bottling: Complete handling from start to finish

To ensure the quality of each mobile bottling system that leaves our Alsace workshops is fully managed, we have chosen to integrate all the necessary skills in-house, from design through to production (studies, machining, sheet metal work, automation and more).

This strategy is what is behind COSTRAL’s renowned reputation for producing robust, ergonomic, stand-alone, highly-technical mobile bottling lines, to handle production runs of 2,000 to 3,500 bottles/hour.

Our adaptability and our technical installation capabilities are today our trademark.

As such, we also know how to manage higher-speed projects thanks to the technology developed by our subsidiary, STONE Industrie.

Our mobile bottling specialists take care of installing a range of different products into trucks.

Mobile bottling management from start to finish

Mobile bottling lines sold throughout the world

Mobile bottling machines sold throughout the world

This recognition goes far beyond the French border as we export our mobile bottling lines worldwide.

This equipment is designed for mobile line projects on trailers or in semi-trailer frames.

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A high-performance, ergonomic work tool

For your mobile bottling project, COSTRAL is your comprehensive partner for designing, manufacturing and installing your equipment, providing a more efficient, reliable, ergonomic and cost-effective way of working in the future.

Our design office will help you in optimising your machine and tool installations providing you with mobile bottling lines that are easy to operate on a daily basis.

Whether your project is a bottling line on a trailer or truck, your new working environment will be designed to best suit your daily needs, ensuring the safety standards in force are met at all times.

We naturally ensure all  the regulations are met linked to using these types of machines in mobility environments.

High-performance, ergonomic work tools
Your mobile bottling project from start to finish

COSTRAL is by your side every step of the way

Your project from start to finish

Are you looking for a new bottling line, need additional equipment or an upgrade?
Whatever your project, COSTRAL is here to help you make it happen!

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Installations entrusted to mobile bottling specialists

On-site installation for your future production tool will be entirely taken care of by a team of technicians for whom this is a way of life.

They will handle installations on trailers, in trucks, electrical supplies, and conveyor systems.

Beyond mobile bottling lines, we can also kit out trucks for labelling, boxing and palletizing operations for your customers, on site.

Our many successful mobile lines include installations fitted to specially adapted frames, on covered or open trailers, in frames for fairly wide semi-trailers... Contact us directly for more details and photos of our achievements to date!

Mobile bottling installation

Start up and follow-up

Mobile bottling start up and follow-up

Our involvement in your project doesn't just stop when your mobile line installation is complete. We support you in getting your system on line and training your operators.

We make sure that your mobile bottling unit can accompany you on route to your customers and future customers, and we'll help you with your first bottling operations!

Finally, we are committed to remaining by your side providing all the technical support you may need during bottling. Technical support contact: + 33 (0)3 89 47 89 45.