On-site interventions

COSTRAL SERVICES aims to meet our customers needs by supporting them throughout the life cycle of their machine, from its design to technical implementation, including operator training and maintenance.

COSTRAL have been designing and manufacturing complete bottling units and equipment since 1975.
But COSTRAL also ensures (directly or through its network of dealers) your system is up and running, as well as providing upgrades and maintenance directly on site.

Installation, system start up and operator training

Each new machine leaving our workshops is installed on site by our COSTRAL Services team or our dealers team of technicians.

The installation notably includes on-site assembly and putting a new machine on line, as well as possible integrating with already existing equipment.

This is followed by the programming and getting the system up and running in situ, in addition to all testing carried out by our installation team such as checks on sensors and level detectors.

When a machine is set up we offer full training for your operators, if required. At the end of our training programme, your operators will be entirely autonomous in operating your new machine, including adjusting settings and handling first level interventions.

Depending on the case, our team from COSTRAL Services will remain on site for the first two days of production in order to complete operator training and ensure that everything is working exactly as it should.

Installation and start up

Upgrades and technical maintenance

Révision et interventions techniques

The COSTRAL Services team of qualified technicians will make on site visits to upgrade COSTRAL equipment, no matter how old the machine.

They also intervene if your existing equipment needs to be modified, for example to add a new capping or inerting solution.

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All breakdown call outs are dealt with by a dedicated, specially qualified division.

Each new request automatically begins with a call made to our support team.

From experience, we can say that 80% of troubleshooting requests are immediately handled over the phone and do not require on-site intervention.

In the event that an intervention by a qualified technician is required, COSTRAL Services will arrange an on-site visit, based on the urgency of the situation.

Prior to this intervention, a remote assessment will be made in order to anticipate any spare parts that may be required for the intervention.

Breakdown and intervention