Rinser steriliser
for empty bottles

The NEPTUNE is designed to provide up to three functions: Rinsing, Sterilizing & Inert Sparging
It is also available as a steriliser or bottler model.

NEPTUNE Rinser-Steriliser-Bottler product sheet

Superior rinsing & drying

Designed in stainless steel, our NEPTUNE rinser provides the most efficient sterilising, cleaning and maintenance.

Three by three or four by four bottle selection at the inlet, using an Archimedes' screw. Bottles are transported, gripped in a clamp to be re-positioned and placed into centring cups. The start up cycle begins with a timed rinse using a fixed injection drawer. Then bottle magazines are sent backwards prior to turning, ensuring a long draining time.

As a result, the total use cycle time (bottle turn around) may vary by up to 40 seconds (depending on run rates). This is the advantage of our NEPTUNE rinser: Optimal use of space available offering an unmatched use cycle time.

At the outlet, bottles are grabbed by the clamp, then turned over and placed on the moving conveyor system to feed them through to the filler.

To adapt to your production volumes, an electronic speed control makes it possible to accurately set your production rate (from 0 to 4,000 bottles/hour).

To manage the machine's operation, a control panel with a flexible keyboard is placed on the front of the rinser with a digital screen displaying:

  • the model of the bottles being processed,
  • adjustment settings,
  • production incidents occurring.
Neptune rinser
Entry cannula on the Neptune Rinser


We offer up to four "rinsing" injection systems and above all, a unique inerting device. In fact, one of the timed injection drawers may be mobile, with spouts entering 170mm into the bottle, creating perfect inerting for the bottle prior to re-positioning and travelling along the conveyor to the filler. Depending on the inert gas used, (e.g. Nitrogen) this entry cannula device makes it possible to eliminate up to 99% of the oxygen present in the bottle.

Re-use of sanitation liquid

The machine functionality remains identical, but the injected media is recycled, filtered and continuously re-injected using a centrifugal pump (KS 6000).

Sterilize mode

The injected media can be a 0.5% peracetic acid solution, with an immediate injection providing a long action time.
The machine also has separate drip trays under the magazines (one "media" side and one "rinsing water" side).
The "low bacteria" water injection is carried out on the re-positioning movement, with a drip time of about 15s (variable depending on the model and run rate).

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The major advantages of the NEPTUNE rinser

  • A long-timed rinse (up to 3 seconds).
  • Possibility of multiple injections, (up to 4 injections in total) of water, sterilising solution, neutral gas or filtered air using fixed or mobile injection drawers (entry cannulas).
  • Thanks to these entry nozzles to two thirds of the bottle, we can inject a neutral gas for inerting prior to filling.
  • Water filtration by 10" cartridge with a porosity of 1μm in a polypropylene casing.
  • Very long draining: up to 40 seconds depending on the model. This ensures water residue and sterilising solution are minimised in the bottle prior to re-positioning.
  • Fast bottle format changeover.
  • Machine designed in a very compact and soundproof stainless-steel frame.
  • Extremely simplified water circuit, with no rotary dispenser, no seals, a manual gravity purge control at the end of production, providing sanitation and frost protection.
NEPTUNE model summary table

A dedicated service

Dedicated service for the Neptune rinser

Our Technical Support service is by your side throughout your machine installation and training programme.

We are by your side from the start to the finish of your investment project and are here to answer your all your technical, operational, training and maintenance queries.

Every machine is supplied with a general maintenance guide, and there is a dedicated After-Sales support hotline to deal with any queries relating to operating the machines manufactured in our Riquewihr workshops (in Alsace).

Contact us directly on +33 (0)3 89 47 89 45.

NEPTUNE Rinser-Steriliser-Bottler product sheet