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COSTRAL's expertise is also about research and development in terms of innovation and design.

To best adapt to our customers' requirements, we have enhanced COMET filling unit technology to handle high-speed lines.

Our solution? We offer fillers with 20 and 24 filling valves, with AROL and SATURNO capping heads (our partners).

High-speed line product sheet

Simple to use high-speed technology

Our customers really appreciate COMET technology for itssimplicity and accurate filling nozzles.

As we always aim to be innovative for our customers, we enhanced this technology to handle higher speed production (up to 6,000 bottles/hour).

In partnership with AROL, these filling systems can be connected to SATURNO and QUASAR (preferred models) multi-head corking machines as well as ESSE (crown cap) and EURO (screw cap) capping machines.

Depending on your requirements, this system is available as a "synchrobloc" ou "monobloc".

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More than simply a partner or subsidiary

Our high-speed line subsidiary

In 2010, COSTRAL joined forces with STONE Industrie, With this acquisition, COSTRAL entered into a new market and now provides bottling for all still liquids, using machines manufactured in Isère by STONE  Industrie. We have been a major player in the customised fixed and mobile bottling lines for more than 70 years, with production rates ranging from 5,000 to 25,000 bottles/hour.

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COSTRAL Services: At your service

The team at COSTRAL Services  is by your side throughout your project, right up to the final installation and providing operator training.

Every machine is supplied with a general maintenance guide.

We provide a specially dedicated free hotline offering After-Sales service and dealing with queries concerning the functionality of your COSTRAL machine.

Contact us directly on +33 (0)3 89 47 89 45.

High-speed line product sheet