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COSTRAL has been supporting independent winegrowers, cooperative cellars, merchants and itinerant bottlers for almost 50 years.
Our aim is to provide the wine industry with innovative solutions which respond to the various challenges and requirements it faces. Together, we plan long-lasting, sustainable, development projects and most importantly, practical projects that can be adapted to suit your business.

From vats to wine bottles…

Bottling equipment for independent wine producers

As an independent wine producer, our technical sales team will support you throughout your project. We'll advise you on how to implement a bottling solution and design your future line to fulfill all your particular requirements.

You have produced your wine, from growing the grapes in your vineyards to processing the juice. You have a clear vision of your end product and your clientele… We're here to help you put the last link in your production process in place. We will provide a suitable bottling solution that allows you to handle your product in the best way for production.

There are many issues around the processes used in production, whether rinsing, inerting, air-vacuum processes, corking, screw capping, oxygen in bottles and wine storage. The COSTRAL team have been addressing these issues for many years and as a result have developed a level of expertise renowned throughout the world. By choosing a COSTRAL bottling line, you benefit from both this expertise, as well as the host of technological innovations that come with it.

Bottling equipment for independent wine producers
Galaxy 4C

Bottling equipment for wine cellars

On a wider scale, our bottling lines equip many wine cellars and cooperative wineries, throughout the production process, from empty bottle to boxed product, ready for shipment.

Your production rate targets can be easily achieved with our reliable and robust bottling equipment, designed by COSTRAL or by our subsidiary, STONE Industries, a specialist in high-volume bottling.

Aware of the operating risks for wine cellars producing high volumes all year round, we offer maintenance and upgrade contracts for your cellars to ensure your production lines run as smoothly as possible.

Our mobile bottling solutions

Today mobile bottling represent more than half of our turnover. These are bottlers for wine cooperatives and independent wine producers who have certain logistical constraints. They entrust us to undertake the technical set up of their bottling trailer or truck, from start to finish.

We have developed an expertise in mobile installations These are generally the most demanding when it comes to the space available, adaptability and ease of use, depending on the containers and products being bottled.

Our job is to make your daily business run smoothly by providing you with well-designed, efficient, reliable and long-lasting solutions.

We can set up machines on trays for you, handle your electrical supplies along with any other elements necessary for installation and get your machines and conveyor systems up and running. All this, to bring you compact, efficient and robust units.

Mobile bottling lines on trailers
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Bottling solutions to fulfil all your needs

Comet 3000 NG Filler Corker

As a French manufacturer with almost 50 years of experience, we offer bottling and packaging machines to complement your already established or under construction assembly lines. Additionally, we offer a combination of machines as well as complete Monobloc bottling units to meet all your requirements.

We also manufacture "independent" equipment to complement your existing machines, as well as various capping accessories, allowing you to vary the types of containers you use.

Lastly, and most importantly, we take an innovative approach to supporting you in implementing your project, whatever your installation, a rinser/steriliser/bottler for empty bottles, a filler, a corker/capper, a washer dryer for filled bottles, a linear or rotating adhesive labelling machine or a complete packaging assembly from empty bottle to boxed product.


COSTRAL is by your side every step of the way

Your project from start to finish

Are you looking for a new bottling line, need additional equipment or an upgrade?
Whatever your project, COSTRAL is here to help you make it happen!

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COSTRAL Services: Always at your service and here to help when you need us

Highly-qualified technicians

COSTRAL has a quick-to-respond "COSTRAL Services" division dedicated to handling all technical support interventions in the field. In fact, we offer full on-site support to install your new bottling line offering your operators full system training.

We provide local After-Sales support with a free hotline that can resolve up to 80% of technical questions and concerns, over the phone. Our team of technicians is on hand to offer you quick assistance locally, no matter where you're based worldwide.

In order to meet the demands of wine producers in a number of countries (in 2018 we delivered bottling lines to 28 different countries). We distribute our bottling lines worldwide through a network of official COSTRAL dealers with specialist technical support and sales teams.

COSTRAL: Innovative technology and personalised support

At COSTRAL, we have a team of highly-experienced project managers and designers who have the best working environment and all the necessary tools and time required, to ensure your project is a success.
It is precisely this working environment that explains our ability to constantly innovate, providing such high-performing bottling solutions and in doing so, safeguarding your investment.

Our specialists are here to share their expertise and experience with you, to develop your project and provide an optimal bottling solution, from all perspectives.

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