A state-of-the-art machine... The GALAXY 4000!

19 déc. 2022 09:00
The GALAXY 4000, a latest generation machine, has left the workshop for the famous Muscats de Frontignan winery! It is a Costral innovation which has been developed by our design office to meet a required output of 4000 bottles per hour for three operations: rinsing, drawing and capping.

The monobloc on a single chassis and equipped according to the customer's needs, is composed of a four-row rinser with retractable cannulas for bottle inerting (Neptune 4000), a 20-spout single-gravity filler and an Arol 3-head capping turret.
The machine is equipped with a 15.1" XXL touch screen HMI and communicates with the fully automatic filtration pallet supplied by Stone Industrie.

A full enclosure and Securit glass doors were also installed to meet the customer's specifications.
Galaxy 4000
Galaxy 4000 Galaxy 4000
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