Nos dernières actualités

The story continues with SONEF

At the beginning of the year, Costral delivered for the customer SONEF its 6th bottling group: a state-of-the-art mobile monoblock "GALAXY 3000", mounted on wheels and over-equipped.

COSTRAL equips brewers!

Patner of more and more brewers, COSTRAL has equiped two breweries the last month

Mobiles bottling line focus

Moving your bottling line easily? Thanks to our mobile chassis it’s possible ! Your complete line can be assemble on a chassis made by COSTRAL and moved to your premises.

Customized bottling line for Chartreuse®!

In the context of collaboration between Alliance Made in France and Chartreuse®, COSTRAL manufactured an automatic screw capper COMET for a new bottling line, specially adapted for mignonnettes (3 to 10cl bottle).

Level detection

Our last gate allows to detect an under/over filling in the bottle.

First Brewery fitted by the Southern Costral-Albagnac

Since the creation of the Southern Costral-Albagnac agency, we had the pleasure to implement a full bottlingline with filling, corking and labelling line of caft beers with a speed of 1000 bottle/hour

The exhibition marathon

After SITEVI in Montpellier and Winzermesse in Karlsruhe at the end of 2019, the COSTRAL sales team continues its run of trade fairs.

HYDRA strip

This is the little extra that makes all the difference

Heading for Guyana!

A GALAXY 2000 Monoblock and GAIA III labelling machine left our workshops for Guyana

A Vinolok unlike any other

The first major project for 2019 in the United States: an amazing installation of a Vinolok glass stopper dispenser.